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Spring-Summer 2021

One’s personal history is nourished by a flood of travels, memories and encounters. It helps to give a unique and specific identity to each individual.

This philosophy, so dear to Maison Ullens, finds a special echo this season in the work of Cameroonian artist Pascale Marthine Tayou, from whom we freely drew inspiration to create our Spring - Summer 2021 collection.

Through part of his work called the “passport masks”, the plastic artist enlightens us on a tradition of Central Africa where travelers wore and presented their mask as a symbol of their identity when moving. This object was organically constituted and enriched with fragments of materials, colors and other aesthetic signs collected throughout its life course.

It explores a whole new idea of the world and its discovery, the richness which is acquired through the journey we take in our lives and the sharing of our experiences with others.

This particular attention given to the individual and not to the group is at the heart of the creation of this summer collection.

Photographer : Paul Rousteau 

Model : Rouguy Faye and Lena Hardt 

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